Bikes are our Jam

And we hope you like Jammin' too...

As cheesy as it sounds, The Bike Co. really is a family.

The diaspora of former employees is spread wide around the globe and it’s always a pleasure to bump into these characters along the journey!

Without our dedicated and long serving staff we would be nowhere!

Our Whistler store manager Dave the Wave has been with us for two decades. The Pemberton store service manager Seb Wild is a decade long Bike Co staff member. Other staff like O, Rothdram and Duke have been with us off and on for close to 20 years as well.

The Bike Co 'R'evolution

The beginning, somewhere in the middle, but definitely not the end.

Ride Natty Ride!

1994 Whistler Bike Co. established

In the spring of 1994, John Inglis and Peter Colapinto opened the Whistler Bike Co. The mountain bike scene in Whistler was still small, with primarily local riders, but it had a burgeoning trail system already in place. 

1995 Dealing Giant Bicycles

After a surprisingly decent first season, The Bike Co. was back in the summer of 1995, bringing on Giant Bicycles as our primary brand.

1996-99 Developing mountain biking Expanding to a second location

Together with partners, Bike Co. was developing the sport through activism with the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association-sponsoring the weekly races and other events as well as local trail building and maintenance projects.

Late 90's / Early 2000's The Expansion

In the late ‘90’s, Bike Co. expanded to a second seasonal location in Whistler and opened the Pemberton Bike Co. in 2000 as year-round operation in the warmer more arid climate north of Whistler where riding eleven months a year is not unusual.

2000's Mountain biking exploded Consolidating into main shop

Mountain biking truly exploded in the Whistler area during the 2000’s- Whistler Blackcomb opened the Bike Park, full-suspension bikes had matured into functional alternatives to hard-tails, hydraulic discs finally allowed confident braking, and the sport had begun to be accepted as something that appealed to a wider demographic than just adrenaline fired twenty-something males.

During this period Bike Co. consolidated the two Whistler stores into one larger store in the ’Taxi Loop’, the main entrance to Whistler’s pedestrian Village where they remained for over a decade.

2017 Giant Whistler Store opened (year-round)

In 2016, after 23 summers of operation in Whistler (making Bike Co. the oldest Independent Bike Dealer in town), Inglis and Colapinto decided that Whistler was mature enough to support a year-round bike shop and opened up a fantastic 3135 square-foot space in Whistler’s Marketplace in April 2017.

As the sport keeps growing and evolving , The Bike Co remains true to its core value- providing our loyal customer base with friendly and competent service.

2021 Launching into cyber space and still riding bikes

As the sport keeps growing and evolving , The Bike Co remains true to its core value - Providing our loyal customer base with friendly and competent service.

In 2021 Bike Co officially launched a third location... on the inter-web! Now providing that same top notch service to our customers near and far.

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